GoForth Series

Co-Director / Filmer / Editor
GoDaddy Inc.
Oregon, California, Utah
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GoForth is a four-part web series presented by GoDaddy, featuring skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and three other outdoor athlete-entrepreneurs. The series explores the intersection of entrepreneurial spirit and adventure, highlighting how these individuals have turned their passions into successful business ventures.

My involvement in GoForth was multifaceted and instrumental from the project's inception. As a co-director, I played a key role in developing the series from its initial concept to securing the greenlight for production. In addition to co-directing, I was one of the main filmers and writers for the series, contributing to both the visual storytelling and the narrative structure. As the lead editor, I carefully crafted the episodes to ensure they effectively communicated the entrepreneurs' journeys and insights from Tony Hawk, focusing on how their passions fueled their professional achievements.


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