Lair of the Sawfish

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Lair of the Sawfish, featured on Shark Week, marked a significant project in my career as a filmmaker. This episode, led by Luke Tipple, delves into the enigmatic world of the sawfish, a rare species teetering on the brink of extinction. The narrative is built around an ambitious expedition to study these unique creatures at the deep-sea wreck of the Queen of Nassau, a site with a poignant history marked by the tragic loss of filmmaker Rob Stewart in 2017.

I was responsible for topside filming and drone operations, capturing the critical moments of the expedition and the breathtaking scenes of the marine environment. Additionally, I managed the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) duties, ensuring the secure and organized handling of the valuable footage we captured. Most notably, this project represented a significant milestone in my career as an editor – it was the first time I took on the role of lead editor for a 45-minute TV episode. This transition into editing hour-long national television episodes allowed me to significantly shape the story of "Lair of the Sawfish," bringing to the forefront the importance of sawfish conservation and the urgency of the mission.


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